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Key Features - Cargo Vans

Best-In-Class Cargo Volume
Take what you can carry and leave nothing behind. With up to 547 cu. ft. of cargo space, enjoy the freedom to carry more than what an average "full-size" van can carry.

Best-In-Class Standing Height
Work upright and more comfortably with an interior standing height of 6'6". It's the space where you can stand up to stand out.

Adaptive Electronic Stability Program (ESP)®
Adaptive ESP® is an advanced system helping to keep you and your cargo safe. Featuring Load Adaptive Control and Roll Over Mitigation, it helps maintain stability and vehicle control by adjusting to conditions on the road and the weight of your payload.

Best-In-Class Payload Capacity
Load your best ideas of smarter work on a sturdy frame supporting a payload up to 5,358 lbs.

Best-In-Class Rear & Side Door Openings
Load more cargo easier and faster through a side door entry 6' x 4'3" and rear doors that open a full 270 degrees.

BlueTEC Diesel Engine
One of the world's cleanest diesel engines delivers more power while producing fewer emissions thanks to BlueTEC SCR clean diesel technology. The Sprinter Cargo Van complies with the strict emissions limits of the EPA / CARB 2010 standards.

"Upfitter Friendly" Features
Build the Sprinter Cargo Van to work best for you. With "upfitter friendly" features like near vertical walls and a Freightliner partnership with proven upfitters, the Sprinter can be the superior work vehicle you need it to be.